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How to get tickets:

After payment you get a ref code.
To get paper ticket(s) show this code and your ID at any booking desk of “Ukrainian Railways” 15 min (at least) before the departure

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From Apr 6, 2012 the tickets are personalized in Ukraine.
So you have to indicate your name (or other travelers` names) with simple 2 steps:
1. add traveller name (once)
2. check the name by tapping on it (every time when booking)


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Show this code at a ticket counter to get ticket(s)

How to get tickets:

- show up at any booking office of «Ukrainian Railways» (up to 15 min* before the departure)
- show your reference code and your ID
- get paper ticket(s)

Have a nice trip!

Contact support +38 044 5027438 and say your order number:
To enable it, please contact your bank (normally there is a phone number on back side of your card)
or just contact support +38 044 5027438 and say your order number:
Try to pay again
If the issue persists just contact support +38 044 5027438 and say your order number:
Try to pay again
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Coming soon!

BiletAgent is ticket autosearch.

If there are no tickets available you don't need to check continuously whether they are available back again. BiletAgent checks it for you every 5 min. And it will notify/email you when tickets are found.

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